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Furry Art and Litterature Promotion

Honi soit qui mal y pense

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The only community for promoting art, trades, fursuits, commissions, gifts, stories, auctions and so on.
In here, it's okay to post links to your auctions and the like.

This is also the community for trying out your art or writing.
Got a picture or a story, you'd like someone else's opinion on?
Need characters for a story?
Want inspiration for a pic or a story?
Want to commission/get commissioned?
Have an auction?
Want a fursuit/sell a fursuit?
Want to do an art trade?
Got tips and tricks you want to share?


Many people get pissed when they get auction/commission posts in their LJ, and that's why this community was created.


1) Don't post more than 1 post a week for the same auction, unless we're talking about several open commissions.

2) There are no limits on how much you can post other than that, but try to keep it relevant and relatively new in content.

3) Don't post any art or stories if you don't have the copyright or a permission from the artist/writer. Linking to auctions from other artists is okay.

4) This community is PG-13. Adult content is more than okay, but must be labeled properly and placed behind a cut.

5) Stories and pictures should be under a cut to reduce loading time. It's okay to post a small pic or an excerpt of a story as an appetizer, but series of pics and longer stories should be kept behind a cut.

6) Use a good tone and be respectful to others. We'd like this to be a friendly place where new people shouldn't be afraid to post. Keep critique constructive and helpful, not just "Your work sucks! HAHAHA!!"

7) This community is not meant as a personal journal, so don't post "What I've been up to
since last time" here. We don't wanna hear about where you've been in the weekend or who you met. And if we did, we would read your personal LJ. Background info on art and stories, progress on fursuits, art and stories and so on is okay.

8) Commissions and auctions are absolutely accepted as long as they're furry related. Fursuits, sculptures, mugs, t-shirts, conbadges and such are also accepted.

9) The moderators reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and comments at any time. We will try to warn the person beforehand. Contact the moderators if they aren't aware of the problem already. Troll posts will be deleted without hesitation.

10) Watch your language! Try to keep swearing to a minimum. It's okay with an occational "hell" or "shit", but posts where half of the words are "fucking", aren't accepted.

Other than that, you're free to do whatever ya want:)

This community is currently being moderated by androgynism, and _arrow_