Char (charreed) wrote in furmotion,

All Gryphons Great and Small!


All Gryphons Great and Small is a bestiary, a collection of images describing and showing the world of gryphons. Gryphons throughout history have been depicted as strong, majestic, regal creatures- what if they spread throughout the earth and lived among us?

I answer this question through my studies and portraits of the different types of gryphon that would inhabit the different areas of the world!

Explore this journey with me and imagine going to the zoo, nature park or going on safari to witness these strange, fierce and even sometimes silly beasts in their various habitats. Maybe even imagine having one of these beasts in your own home!

Buy my art

You can help support me and my gryphons by buying a print at my RedBubble store.  Postcard prints start at $3, so there is something for everyone.  Anyone buying my Sea Gryphon print will be contributing to help the animals of the oil spill in the Gulf as all proceeds from sales of this print will be donated.

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